10 Beauty Hacks to Help You Stay Stylish In 15 Minutes

For moms, trying to be stylish is almost a silly thought. How are we supposed to look good with food squished into our hair and vomit down the back of our shirt? Trying to find the motivation to look good can be nearly impossible and is often the last thing on our mind.

Fear not, there are some sneaky ways for moms to stay stylish – with only 15 minutes to spare. Parenthood, and especially motherhood, is all about adapting. We know that our days of taking hours to get ready and looking dolled up and glam are on pause for a good few years, but that doesn’t mean we can’t adapt to our new, hectic routine, and find ways to look good.

By using these tips, you won’t only look good, but you will probably feel a little better about yourself as well. There is more to you than sweatpants and buns, unleash your beautiful self in under 15 minutes!

  1. Lipstick, lipstick, lipstick

Nothing adds to an outfit like a pop of color on the lips. Lipsticks nowadays range from ruby red to sea blue, the choice is all yours. Accent your outfit with some exciting color, and contour your lips to look plump and kissable.

  1. Base fixes everything

Bags under your eyes from the baby not sleeping – base! Pimples because of a hormonal breakout – base! Get your skin looking flawless with a good, effective base. You will probably have to do some testing before you find one that is perfect for your skin, but when you do, it can be applied in under a minute and give you a beautiful complexion.

  1. Buns are in

If you didn’t have a chance to do your hair in the morning (or even wash it this week), don’t worry. Messy buns are actually in at the moment. You probably have to put no effort into getting your hair into a messy bun, so it is one of the quickest beauty hacks out there!

  1. Sporty is a look

If you can’t find the motivation to get out of your sweatpants – throw on a cute tank top and some sneakers. The sporty look is fresh and exciting and can look super stylish if done right. And most importantly, you get to keep the sweatpants.

  1. Moisturize

As soon as you get out of the shower or bath, rub some moisturizer on your body. This will keep your skin soft and glowing, and only takes a few minutes.

  1. Accessorize

A cute pair of earrings or a sparkly necklace can elevate any outfit. Keep a few choices in your bag so that you can doll-up on the go.

  1. Fake lashes

If you have a little time to spare one day to get false lashes, you will save yourself some time going forward. Fake lashes are easy to maintain and look great. You won’t have to worry about trying to get fuller-looking lashes when getting ready.

  1. Keep a scarf in the car

Going from work, or dropping kids, to a lunch, throw on a scarf to add some color to your outfits. Scarves add a bit of class to an outfit, and there are some great prints out there. You can even use your scarf as a nursing cover if needed.

  1. Nail polish is your best friend

Get your hubby to paint your toenails in the bath – he owes you for all your hard work! The polish will make your feet look neat and super cute.

  1. Find your style

If you have found your style, try and build your makeup and clothing around it. This way you can easily access items you feel comfortable, and good wearing.

Make yourself feel good again. You deserve the time to get ready and to feel beautiful again, even if it is only 15 minutes to spare! Adapt your new busy lifestyle to include some beauty hacks, and soon it will be second nature.

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