Throwing the perfect birthday party
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10 Parenting Hacks for Children’s Birthdays

Children’s birthdays are just so exciting. We get to feel all giddy and excited for them, just as we did as a child. Another year around the sun, and another party to plan. Themes, invites and color schemes are at the front of your mind for the months and weeks leading up to the big day. Add that up with the gifts you need to buy – and it starts looking pretty pricey.

Birthday parties aren’t what they used to be. Now, most moms use them as a Pinterest showroom with perfectly sculpted cakes and the cutest little party favors. While this all looks great in photos, the kids don’t actually care. All they want is the mash up of cake and popcorn, along with simple games and the freedom to run wild.

All this hype can make it quite stressful to plan a party. Will your child’s party end up being as cool as the other kids, and where is the money coming from? Wasting all your savings on a party seems a bit silly, and it is. Kids won’t remember the perfectly poised party, instead they will remember the one that was the most fun. And that is actually all you need to worry about.

There are many ways to have a fun, successful party without breaking the bank and months of planning. Throw out the notion that you need to have matching cupcake holders and serviettes, and instead focus on what you know your child will enjoy most.

You really don’t have to start planning for the next party the day after your last one happens, but you do need to give yourself some time to prep and to avoid that last minute stress. Keep a little diary of things to do, and set deadlines for you to do them by.

Here are a couple of tips for an easy, budget party:

Call in help! If you are lucky enough to have family or friends close by, don’t be afraid to ask them to get involved! Delegate cupcake decorating or bunting-making. They are a resource waiting to be used, and will probably love being involved in the big day. Even if you get one or two tasks off your hands, it can end up being a great relief.

Send Evites. Invites can cost a fortune and can take forever to make. There are now great resources online such as Canva that let you make digital invites to email or message out instead of printing and crafting your own. You can get super creative and add in any theme you want, and you can even get away with doing an invite for free on these sites as well. While you are at it, you can create some signs and decorations to stick around the party venue.

Bake your own cake. You really don’t need to be spending hundreds of dollars on a cake that gets sung over for 30 seconds before being chopped apart and left half eaten all over the party venue. Rather get baking and test out your decorating skills. You should be able to pick up everything you need from a baking shop at a fraction of the price. If you don’t back your own decorating skills, watch one of the thousands of tutorials on Youtube. It will probably end up being a new hobby of yours, and it won’t cost an arm and a leg!

Host the party at a free venue. There is nothing worse than paying a fortune to hire a venue for a party and having next to no time to set up and pack up. Usually hire-out venues don’t give much leeway and it all ends up being such a rush – not to mention the rules that come along with it. Why not consider having the party at home or at a local park? That way the kids can run wild, you can spend however long you want setting up and you don’t have to leave at a certain time. If you have the party at home, you could even start setting up a few days before – and it is free!

Don’t let the party planning get to you. Focus on what the party is actually about – your special little one having fun. Plan the party to suit the kids and not to impress the other moms. You will save on time, money and sanity!

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