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10 Tips on How to Get a Relaxing Vacation with Your Children

Going away on vacation is always so exciting. Whether you’re headed for sunny beaches or snowy slopes, there is nothing like breaking away from the hustle and bustle and enjoying time with family.

But let’s face it. Holidays aren’t always like we see on TV. The family doesn’t go walking into the sunset hand in hand. It often consists of fighting in the backseat the whole drive there, arguing who gets which bed and disagreements over which activities to do and when.

If this is how your holidays usually go, you might need to make use of a few tips on how to have a relaxing family holiday. Don’t let everyone get so riled up with excitement that rules fall out the window. Instead, by following the below tips you can have the relaxing and fun holiday you deserve.

  1. Consider nap times

If you have young children who still nap during the day, remember to work these into your schedules. If a child doesn’t get enough rest, they can very quickly turn into a gremlin. Make sure that your outings have some room for nap time, and make sure that your children get enough sleep to keep them going. As it is a vacation, they will probably be going to sleep later at night as well, so nap times are vital for a happy child.

  1. Plan travel times

Try and not travel in the middle of the day. If you have long distances to cover to reach your destination, rather travel early in the morning. This way the kids can hopefully fall back to sleep in the car and be well rested when you reach your holiday home. It also means you have most of the day left to relax and explore.

  1. Travel with family or friends

It takes a village. If you are traveling alone with kids, you probably won’t get much of a break. By bringing along friends or family, you are spreading the load. The kids can go on a walk with grandpa, or swim in the pool with their cousins. This gives you a little bit of time alone to relax.

  1. Don’t over plan activities

Planning vacation activities ahead of time can be really helpful but try not over plan your days. By cramming too much into short time periods, you will just be rushing from one thing to the next with tired, cranky children.

  1. Rent a house, not a hotel room

The more space the better. Being cramped up in a single hotel room with the whole family can be a bit much. If finances allow it, rather opt for a chalet or house that has multiple rooms, so everyone can enjoy some alone time.

  1. Always have snacks

Kids love snacks, and they seem to solve everything. Pack some healthy snacks for the car to keep the kids happy and keep extra on you throughout the day when traveling and exploring. A hungry kid is a grumpy kid, and a grumpy kid is not going to let you relax.

  1. Stay somewhere with kid entertainment

Always choose a destination that has dedicated entertainment for kids. This will keep them busy, entertained and out of your hair for a little while.

  1. Call a sitter

Most holiday destinations have designated babysitters that visitors can hire. Why not make use of this service one evening and you and hubby can enjoy a quiet, romantic dinner together.

  1. Have rest times

Make rest time mandatory – for everyone. As relaxing as they are supposed to be, vacations can be really tiring. Set aside an hour or so each day for everyone to just chill. It can be spent taking a nap or just having a lie-down reading a book.

  1. Visit kid-friendly places

Too many museums and your child will get super bored. If you are going site-seeing, rather visit places that are interesting for the kids as well. If there are a few stops you want to make that are more suited for adults, bring along some entertainment for the kids like a book or tablet, and make sure to visit somewhere afterward for them.

Having a relaxing family vacation isn’t impossible. As long as you plan things right, consider everyone’s needs and know that things will never be perfect, you should have a happy family holiday to put in the memory books.

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