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10 Types of Parents You Will Meet at Your Child’s Daycare

No matter where you live, how much money you have, or what school your child goes to, there are always ‘those’ parents. Every school has them, and they are easy to recognize if you know what you are looking for.

As different as everyone may be, there seems to be specific roles that are filled in a daycare environment. For many parents, it is their first child and they are super involved in everything that goes on in the school. You also get the parents who are totally chilled and constantly forget library day. Whether or not you fit into any of these roles, you will most likely be able to recognize at least one set of parents for each of the below:

  1. The Doting parents

These parents usually appear in the younger classes. Their little one has just started school and they are nervous to let go. They walk their child in, find any reason to hang around a little while and give about 100 hugs goodbye. If their child doesn’t cry when they leave, they feel a little letdown. The doting parent is common. We all love our kids and have a tough time letting go. Soon the hustle and bustle of school life will get to them and they will fall in line with the other parents.

  1. The Forgetful Parents

Most of us can admit to forgetting a few school dates and items here and there, but there are parents who just cannot remember a thing. They are usually rushed and living moment to moment, not checking what is due the next day, when the next parent-teacher meeting is, or even if their kid is on holiday. If this is you – try to keep a calendar on the fridge to help keep track of things!

  1. The Straight Up parents

These parents can be pretty scary at first. They will be the ones to call you out if your child has done something to upset their child. They feel no remorse and will take it out on you as a parent. Just remember to take it where it comes from, and those kids will be kids – fights and squabbles happen!

  1. The Over-Eager parents

Every school needs a couple of these. They are usually stay-at-home moms who have some time on their hands. They volunteer at every function to help set up and are usually re-covering library books on the weekend. We need to thank these moms – they save us from spending our weekends sewing up concert costumes and baking cupcakes for the cake sale.

  1. The “We’re Here to Make Friends” parents

For some, their kids are their life. There is nothing outside of their children. Because of this, they will try and make friends with the other parents. And not just casual playdate friends, but full blown best friend material. This is great if it happens naturally, but these parents will push for more and more get-togethers, dinners and camping trips until you aren’t quite sure how you got yourself in this situation.

  1. The Teacher’s Pet

Teacher’s pets aren’t just for members of the class. Some parents feel that they need to become friendly with the teacher. Whether this is to ensure their child has a smooth ride at school or some teacher complex they have from their childhood, they will try to be the favorite parents in the class.

  1. The Sport Parents

No matter the function, whether it be a fancy art auction or a market, these parents will always be in sports gear. They look as though they have just run a marathon or done a triathlon but in style. Their kid usually portrays the same sportiness – whether he wants to or not.

  1. The Laid Back parents

The laid-back parents don’t really get involved. They sit in the back and mumble around until the function is over. They don’t really mind what happens, who they talk to or what games their kid plays. They take things as they came and just always seem so calm and cool.

  1. The Business parents

Always on the phone, serious in business conversation, they want you to know they are successful. They will park their big black SUV in front of the no-parking sign, and rush to drop and fetch kids, emphasizing how their time is more important than yours. Everybody had better wait for him to finish on the phone to carry on talking.

  1. The Rushed parent

Their child is the one that is sitting in the foyer for being late. Every morning the school expects this kid to be whisked in, 30 minutes after school starts and fetched 30 minutes after it ends. Keeping time is not a strong point in this family.

You might catch a wakeup call and realize you fall into one of these categories. If you do – are you happy that people see you that way? Or would you like to be classified as something else?

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