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10 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Confidence

One of the most important parts of parenthood is ensuring that you raise a confident and well-rounded child. Confidence doesn’t come from just anywhere, it is something that you as a parent need to work on and build in your child.

There are many ways to boost your child’s confidence, and many can be done subtly in day-to-day settings. Raising a confident child ensures that you will be bringing up a self-respecting and down-to-earth member of society. They will know they are capable of many things, but still be humble enough to accept failure and learn from it.

A confident child will jump at any task given to them with a good attitude, instead of entering a situation thinking that they aren’t capable. This mindset will help them be achievers, and also resilient against failure. As a parent, take it upon yourself to boost your child’s confidence.


  1. Give them praise

Nothing boosts a persons confidence like praise. If your child has done something good, especially if they have done it without help or prompting from you, give them the praise they deserve. This has a positive effect on their self-worth and they will grow to appreciate their own achievements.


  1. Find their passion

Having a passion in life is one of the greatest gifts. Often we aren’t pushed enough from a young age, and we miss out on something that may have been our passion. Encouraging and supporting our children in different fields will certainly help them find what they love, and what they are good at. Being good at something is always a confidence booster, and working towards being the best is a great journey to take.


  1. Set goals together

Help your child achieve everything they set out to. By creating goals together, you are showing them that it is possible to reach their goals, and that achievements take time. Setting goals gives your child focus and purpose. Be sure to set realistic goals, as unachievable ones may be too much for them to handle.


  1. Encourage resilience

Failure is inevitable. Having your child understand this is a great tool for them going forward. Instead of being crushed by failure and giving up, rather have them learn from their mistakes and improve the way they do things going forward. Having a positive outlook and a can-do attitude is a great sign of confidence.


  1. Show them love

Everything starts at home. A child that feels love is a confident child. They feel self-worth, and worthy of love. Your support and love mean more to them than you know. By giving them this very basic building block, you are showing them that no matter what, you will always be there, after failure or success.


  1. Maintain good relationships

Outside of your home, your child needs to build good, healthy relationships with extended family and peers. You need to show your child correct social skills, kindness, and assertiveness. Your child needs to know how to keep confident when someone’s actions have an effect on her.


  1. Encourage independence

Being able to do something on your own is a big confidence booster. Encourage independence in your child, let them explore the world and everything it has to offer. While you may want to keep a tight leash on your child, letting them figure things out on their own, and realizing that they are capable to do so, is a great confidence booster.


  1. Promote self-love

Confidence cannot happen if there is no self-love. The ability to acknowledge one’s greatness and appreciate all their flaws is a powerful gift. Promote self-love in your household and help your child grow and extend this love to others around them.


  1. Physical activity

Some children aren’t as physical as others. However, getting them out into the sun for some sports once a week or more will do wonders for their confidence. They will learn to work within a team and thrive off of the social contact.


  1. Consistency is key

You need to make sure that your child can rely on you, and that they have a stable and steady home life. By remaining consistent, you are giving them a good base from which to mold their attitude and views around. An unsteady background will add too much unnecessary stress to their life, and this does nothing for self-worth.


Be the one that continuously grows and pushes your child. You need to make sure that everything is in place for them to develop a confident attitude, with self-worth and self-love. This gives them all the building blocks they need to succeed in life, thrive socially, and overcome any adversity.

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