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15 Most Obnoxious Things People Have Said to Breastfeeding Moms

You should give him food in addition to the milk.

“My father-in-law, who has no business of any kind having an opinion on the matter (frankly, I don’t think anyone does), kept telling me that my son needs food on top of the milk he was getting. My son was 4 months old!” — Tiffany, 31

You *only* nursed for four months?

“Maybe I’m on the other side of the spectrum here when it comes to nursing, but I hated it. I didn’t feel bonded with my baby. My boobs were sore constantly. I had no time to myself. But, I felt pressured to nurse because ‘that’s what you do’ and that’s what was expected of me. So I did have to endure a lot of scrutiny and (what I felt) where sh-tty comments to me when I stopped nursing at four months.” — Avery, 29

Why don’t you take that into the bathroom?

“While I was at a restaurant with my husband and daughter, I had to nurse. I did cover up with one of those pretty cover-ups. There was no part of me that was exposed at all. Yet, the table next to me told me that it would be better for everyone if I ‘took that into the bathroom.’ I very promptly responded, ‘The only thing I take in the bathroom is a sh-t.'” — Sherri, 29

Top off your nursing sessions with some formula.

“My mother kept telling me that I should be topping off my nursing sessions with some formula so that I’d ‘know for sure’ that my daughter was no longer hungry. That really angered me. While I am not one who justifies my actions, I did feel the need to send her some reading material to catch up on when it comes to how this whole breastfeeding thing works. Topping off with formula reduces your supply because there is no demand. ‘Leave me alone!!!’ I kept wanting to scream.” — Beth, 30

Your baby isn’t getting enough to eat from your breasts.

“I kept hearing from my mother-in-law that my baby wasn’t getting enough to eat from my breasts and that I should be bottle-feeding a certain amount of ounces per bottle and a certain amount of bottles per day. This would ensure that my baby is not only fed, but satisfied, healthy, and will sleep through the night.” — Terri, 28

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