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15 Most Obnoxious Things People Have Said to Breastfeeding Moms

You have a lot of milk because you have big boobs, right?

“I always had pretty large boobs, and when I was a breastfeeding mom, they were even bigger. What’s funny, though, is that I didn’t have the best supply. That wouldn’t stop people from assuming though. Once my best friend (pretty much flat-chested) told me how much she envied my big boobs because ‘obviously’ I had plenty of milk for my daughter. Well, that wasn’t the case and it was a sore subject for me. People can’t just assume anything!” — Carolyn, 24

You still feed him like that?

“My sister-in-law couldn’t even say the word, actually. Once she was over when my son was 11 months and when I went to go nurse him she said, ‘You still feed him like that?’

“Some people, man.” — Yael, 28

I bet you can’t wait to give your boobs back to your husband.

“I was out for drinks with a group of friends who all happened to be nursing, or were at one point nursing. One of my friends said something along the lines of wanting ‘to be done soon so that I can give my boobs back to my husband.’ Okay, we can laugh and joke, but that’s I think is so wrong nowadays! Any creature with breasts and nipples has only ever used them to feed their offspring. Breasts have become so hyper-sexualized and it’s ridiculous!” — Dara, 31

How often do you have to do that exactly?

“When I went back to work following my (very short) maternity leave, I was given a space that I could pump. It was a small but quaint room right near a colleague’s office. I’d pump about three times a day, and after about two weeks being back, he said to me, ‘How often do you have to do that exactly?’ I’m such a sassypants, so I responded with a few not-nice things. Oops.” — Cheryl, 29

What do you mean you’re not nursing?

“I received a lot of flack for not nursing and it really bothered me. In fact, still does to this day. You never know what kind of health issues moms are going through, so you cannot judge formula-feeding moms! I wanted to nurse so badly, but I have a joint condition and I’m on medicine every day of my life. Because of this, I could not breastfeed my child.” — Haven, 25