Momming Hard

4-Year-Old Cries Happy Tears As New Stepmom Reads Him Her ‘Vows’

She says his reaction was a total surprise. “He had no idea that I had planned vows to him and at 4 years old I really didn’t expect him to understand what was going on but his emotions tell a different story!”

Image via Emily Newville

Merging families is never simple. Even if all parties involved are supportive, there are still hurdles to overcome. But in this family, it’s clear that Gage’s well-being is paramount. His mom even chimed in on the video’s comments saying, “As his mother I can say that she is an amazing step-mother to him. I couldn’t have picked someone better. Gage is lucky to have her and I’m so thankful I can trust her to be there when I cannot be!”

At the end of the day, Gage has two moms who love him very much. And that’s a beautiful thing to see.

Image via Emily Newville

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