Am I Doing This Mom Thing Right?

If there is one guarantee in this world, it is that every mom, no matter where they come from, asks themselves this very question.

Never have we ever been given a “perfect mom” manual. While it might seem that some moms just do everything right, you can be sure that they are doubting themselves just as much on the inside. It is very easy to paint a pretty picture on social media, but behind the scenes there is the same self-doubt that every mom feels.

As difficult as it may seem at times, when you have given the kids frozen pizza for the fifth night in the row, or you send the kids to school without brushing their teeth because there just wasn’t time, give yourself a break. We all have our rough times, but it is our intentions that make up for it.

You know how much your children mean to you, how much you love them, and how different life would be without them. You know the lengths you would go to in order to make them happy, even if you are a bit lazy to do so sometimes. Think about everything you do in a day for them, breakfasts, getting ready for school, packing lunches, fetching, sports, afternoon snacks, naps, cooking dinner, bath time, play time, story time and sleep time – where is your you time?

You have given a part of yourself in order to become a mom, and just by this simple act, you need to know that you are doing an amazing job. It is really tough for anyone other than a mother to understand what it takes to keep things running. In fact, being a mom has been equated to working 2 and a half full time jobs – not surprised, are you?

The fact that you are still going, and that the kids are happy, healthy and fed is a sure sign that you are doing things just fine. Being a mom is natural to you, when you look back on the day you might see the time you lost your cool in the car, or that you cut bath time short because you just weren’t in the mood. These on their own can make you feel that you aren’t doing things so well. But what you won’t remember is the time you wiped away tears, or the affectionate brush through your little ones hair, waking up at 3am to soothe a nightmare, or allowing them to watch a little bit extra of the show they love, just because their laugh is so special to you. You won’t remember these moments so easily because they are second nature to you. You don’t have to think before doing them, these actions are a part of who you are, and how much you love your children. This trait, this inwards love of everything your child is, shows that you are an amazing mom. Everything else falls into line on its own.

You might not only use organic ingredients in their meals, bedtime is probably set so you have some adult time at night, and their clothes probably do two rounds before hitting the washing machine, but they are happy.

Rather than pretending you know what you are doing, take things one day at a time. Ask for help (yes, you are allowed to!). Seek out a support system and accept compliments when they are given to you. You will have rough days, but in these rough days look to your children for the reassurance you need. Nothing is perfect, but you are a good mom, and you are doing the best you can, even when it doesn’t feel that way.

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