Momming Hard

How to be More Present

Each day flies by so fast. First you are getting the kids out of bed and in the blink of an eye they are ready for dinner. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time during the day to get even the basics done, so it can be really difficult to even just be in the moment.

Happiness and contentment go hand in hand. You might be happy with your kids, your house and your job, but are you grounded and enjoying each day as it happens? As a mom, finding time to sit back and take in everything you are thankful for can seem like just another to-do on a never ending list. Your priorities lie with making sure that everyone else is okay, and then if you are lucky you can look at your own needs.

Being able to be present and enjoy life is a learned skill. It doesn’t happen on its own, especially if you are used to being busy. In order to be the best version of yourself, and be the best mom to your kids and partner at home, you need to be happy and content.

In order to find this intentional peace, you need to look for it. Once you take the time to look for it, it is easy enough to find. Spend time focussing on your own happiness and everything else around you will fall into place.

Here are some ways to ground yourself in the moment and to appreciate everything you have and everything you are.

Stop rushing around – In order to be able to enjoy moments in the present, you need to stop running around like a chicken without a head. Stop, breathe, relax. If the kids don’t bath at 5pm exactly, everyone will survive. Stop stressing yourself out, you are probably stressing the kids out as well, which makes them act a little bit crazier themselves. Just go with the flow at times, enjoy what is happening around you.

Ask for help – You can’t be at peace in the present if you are a one man army. Ask for help, give yourself a break. Driving yourself mad by attempting to do things on your own isn’t helping anyone. Ask for help, and enjoy it. You will be surprised at how much those around you are willing to step in when you need them.

Accept that you are great – Appreciate yourself. You are doing an amazing job. Your kids are healthy, good people. Being hard on yourself will only stress you out more. Pushing yourself to be better can help now and again, but focussing on the negative will only drag you down.

Inspire yourself – You need to find that thing that inspires you. Art, music, dreams, anything that gives you meaning and purpose will help you appreciate life more. A passion will help you find beauty in life, it will help you notice beauty and joy in every space. Ground yourself in this and explore your surroundings like never before.

Sit quietly each day – Sometimes you need to physically ground yourself. Find some quiet time, as difficult as that might be. Burn some candles and watch the leaves in the wind. Practice yoga, meditation or even just sit still with your eyes closed. Whatever helps you feel present in the moment, do it.

Life passes by so quickly, and you are the only person that can force you to enjoy it. Take in each moment that you can, stop the rush and appreciate the beautiful life you live.

You will be happier. You will be a better person for it, and you will be a better mother because of it. Spread the message on to your kids. Help them learn the habit of being present. Teach them to appreciate the moment at hand, as it is all we ever have.

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