How to Exercise While Taking Care of your Pre-schooler

Kids don’t get easier as they grow up. In fact, you may find yourself with less time on your hands when they do actually start school. You have probably gone back to work, have the household chores and dinner to worry about, as well as carting the kids to and from school and sports games if they have. Trying to find the time to exercise can seem impossible, but there are actually many ways to work exercise into your everyday routine. You just need to be a little creative.

  1. Go for a jog with the stroller. There are some fantastic jogging strollers on the market. Their bigger wheels help maneuver tougher terrain, making them perfect for jogging in the park. Using a jogger means you can take your child out with you while you exercise. They cater for children up to about 4 years old. If you don’t have the spare money for a new jogger, look at local groups on Facebook to see if there are any second-hand joggers on sale.
  2. Find a workout friend. You might be lucky enough to have a close friend who is in the same boat as you. If so, claim her as your workout buddy! Once the kids are dropped off at school, go for walks together or take some classes together at the gym. Having a friend to exercise with makes it much more enjoyable.
  3. Play outside with the kids and exercise. Take your kids outside and play together. Catch, dodgeball, or ring-a-ring the rosies can all be fun and creative ways to get you all exercising together.
  4. Dance with your kids. Put on some of your favorite tunes and show the kids how you used to break it down back in your day (it doesn’t have to be as corny as that sounds). Get them to copy you and have a dance off – it is such great, refreshing exercise.
  5. Do family exercise. Go for walks on the beach together, or participate in off-road bike rides. Not only is this great bonding time as a family, but you are encouraging healthy activities in your children.
  6. Play some sports. Join a softball team or a table tennis club. Whatever floats your boat. The kids can even come along and watch your matches.
  7. Use exercise videos. There are so many resources available both online, in-store and at the library. There are countless workout plans out there, find one that is good for you and use the videos to exercise at home. The kids can join along if they want.
  8. Take turns working out. You and your partner can take turns exercising and looking after the kids. Whether this is allocated nights each week, or a half an hour each a night, find the routine that works for you.
  9. Daycare at the gym. Many gyms offer day care for parents who bring their kids along. Find a gym in your area that has a great daycare that you’re comfortable with. The kids will love the outing and you will get some exercising
  10. Combine errands and exercise. Instead of getting in your car to go pick up some groceries, get on your bike or walk. Simple changes can bring about countless exercise opportunities.
  11. Exercise early in the morning. This isn’t such a winner if you are not a morning person, but some moms find that the best time for them to exercise is early in the morning while the kids are asleep.
  12. Exercise with chores. Dance while sweeping and sway your hips while stirring dinner. These simple movements are good exercise, and it will make you enjoy your chores a little more.
  13. Exercise during lunch. Take a walk at the park during lunch at work. Or if there is a gym close by, pop there during your lunch break. This way you don’t lose any time at home.
  14. Do classes with your kids. Take your kids with to a karate, Pilates or yoga class. Many of these classes cater to the whole family and are great fun, and great exercise, for everyone.
  15. Get gardening. Gardening is an amazing exercise. It is relaxing and rewarding. A little bit of gardening each day is a great addition to your exercise routine.
  16. Small changes. Take the stairs, walk to the shops and jump in puddles. Small changes make a big difference.

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There are so many ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. There are plenty fun options that you can choose from to involve your kids in exercising as well, encouraging them to continue this throughout life. Get exercising and feel good about yourself!

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