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How to Figure Out Your Child’s Best Learning Strategy

Every child takes in the surrounding world differently. It is difficult, if not impossible, to tie down one learning style for children. Some prefer visual, while others favor their auditory senses more. This is decided by many factors, whether it be environmental or genetic.

In order to succeed, one must know their strengths and their best learning style. As a parent, you can help your child by figuring out their learning style for them and adjusting everyday life to suit this.

Not only will this benefit them in learning, but it will also help you get through to them better with discipline and social lessons. Being able to communicate with your child on a level that they understand and comprehend best is beneficial for everyone.

If you are not sure what your child’s best learning strategy is, here are a few ways to try and figure it out.

Watch how they express themselves

If you just take some time to sit back and watch your child interact and live normally, you will pick up which learning strategy he favors. The most common are visual, audio or physical. Visual learners take in everything they see, audio learners love to listen and remember sounds best and physical learners love getting their hands dirty when learning new things and exploring touch and shape.

Investigate their interests

Your child’s interests should reflect which learning style they have. If they love watching TV and reading, they prefer visual. If music and talking is their thing, then they are audio. Physical learners love to play and often battle to concentrate for too long. By examining your child’s interests, you should be able to figure out what style of learning will be best, and how you can incorporate this into what they love doing.

How they problem solve

As they grow, children tackle more and more problems on their own. By watching how they face these problems, and overcome them, you will be able to pick up the best way to approach learning. If they have a difficulty overcoming tough situations and aren’t the best with problem-solving, it might be because they do not know their own style of learning yet.

Speak to their teachers

If your child goes to school, request some time to chat with their teachers. As they are qualified educators and spend time with your child in a learning environment, they should be able to help you determine the best learning strategy for your child. By involving their educator, you can also try to incorporate this learning strategy at school, making school life easier for your child.

Look at your own learning strategy

Often, these things can be hereditary. By looking at both parents learning strategies, you may be able to give yourself a head start on figuring out the learning strategy for your child. If you don’t know your learning style, why not discover it alongside your child.

Finding out your child’s learning strategy and applying it to both school and everyday life will enable them to be comfortable in learning, and allow them to take in as much information as successfully as possible. If they succeed in school and learning because of this, their self-confidence will be boosted and they will feel ready to tackle problems with a winning strategy throughout life.

You can also adapt the way you relate to your child using their learning strategy, creating a more comfortable and relatable home environment for them, for everyone to enjoy.

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