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How to Get Your Children to Love Reading

There really is nothing quite like sitting back with a good book and immersing yourself completely in a different world. Sadly, not many people are pushed to fall in love with books and all they have to offer.

Not only does reading transport you to a different world, but it improves vocabulary, imagination, creativity, and free-thought. There are books on every topic you can think of, and there is so much knowledge at your fingertips.

It is so important as a parent to encourage a love of reading from your children. By instilling this love, you are giving them every opportunity for exploration and knowledge that books have to offer. It is a skill and gift that will only be beneficial throughout their schooling career, and into their adult lives. They will have the patience to read through lengthy reports and will spend their time reading fascinating stories instead of staring at a television.

There are some simple ways to encourage a love of reading:

Read to them from young

Even if your baby cannot understand what you are saying, sitting down with them at night and reading them a simple story is paving the way for them to enjoy reading. They will recognize books as a source of entertainment and relate to them with fond memories.

Bedtime stories

When your child is old enough, make sure to spend at least 30 minutes a night with them reading. You will never run out of amazing stories to read, and there are so many wonderful and worthwhile life lessons kept in stories. Their imaginations will run wild, and it gives you a chance to be animated and have fun putting on funny voices while reading.

Discuss stories

Don’t let the stories end when the last page is turned. Speak to your child about the story. Ask him questions, what was his favorite part and what lessons did he learn? By doing this, you are encouraging your child to actually take in what he reads, and helping him realize that there is so much to be learned from reading.

Let them choose stories

By involving them at story time, they will be much more enthusiastic to get involved. Even if they choose the same book 5 nights in a row, read it. They obviously love the story, so don’t dampen their excitement. You are also giving them their own voice to discover what they like or dislike.

Give books as gifts

On special occasions, such as Christmas or birthdays, give your child a book as a gift. Write a little note on the front page to make it even more meaningful. They will soon become excited to see which book you have chosen for them each time.

Take trips to the library

Some great memories can be made between the shelves in libraries. Often a library will have a relaxing area in which you can sit and read. Take your child to your local library each week or so and let them pick out a few books, and spend some time in the library paging through some of them. The peace and tranquillity of libraries are unmatched!

Expose them to different authors

Buy book sets, even if they are second hand, and let your child discover different authors and literary worlds. By giving them this variety, they will be encouraged to explore many different genres and ideas. It is a great skill to carry throughout life.

Put on plays

For a little bit of fun, get your child to act out some of his favorite parts of books. The whole family can get involved and play different characters. It is teaching him to take scenes and scenarios out of books and adapt them to a different situation. The plays will be great fun and a perfect way for a family to bond.

Helping your child discover their love for reading is one of the greatest gifts you could give them. It is easy enough and also encourages some special bonding during story time for you and your child.


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