How to Get Your Kids to Clean Up Without a Fight

Let’s face it, if it weren’t for us moms chasing after the kids to clean up, the house would be a constant wreck. They are messy little creatures! They need us to prompt them to clean up, or they would just live in the squalor.

Getting kids to clean up can be tricky. Who would want to have to put in work after having so much fun playing – isn’t that what moms are for? If you want to save your grey hairs for later on in life, and possibly have a minute or two break now and again, you need to get your kids to clean up after themselves.

No fights, no excuses, they should know that once they have made a mess, they are responsible for tidying up. If you want to really push it, you can even try and get them to do chores around the house, where they clean up for other people. Believe it or not, this really isn’t impossible.

It is a good idea to get our kids to be responsible for themselves and their surroundings from a young age. There are some effective ways to get them started. Once they are out the house and on their own, there won’t be anyone around to clean up after them.

Here are some ways to get your kids to clean up – without a fight!


Kids need chores. It gives them responsibility and direction. It also takes some of the load off from you. Have set chores each day, or week, that the kids need to accomplish. By doing this, they will know what is expected of them and get used to the idea that they need to contribute to a functioning household. It will also give them some independence and assurance that they can do these things on their own.

Reward chart

A great way to get kids motivated to do something is by offering a reward. Why not do a weekly reward chart. Outline all their responsibilities or to-dos, and give extra points for when they clean up on their own. They won’t argue with this, and they will soon get used to cleaning up after themselves without being prompted.

Make it fair

While dishing out jobs and chores might be fun for you, you need to make sure that you aren’t overdoing it. You kids can’t become responsible for all the household chores overnight. Make sure that when they are done doing what they need to and when they have cleaned up, that they still have time to be kids. Also, be sure to give siblings equal tasks. You don’t want to land up with a case of Cinderella.

Set doable tasks

Try not ask the kids to do the ironing, no matter how much you may hate it. You need to set chores and tasks that are age appropriate. Not only can it be dangerous to give them adult tasks, but if they feel they can’t perform well, they might end up not trying altogether.

Positive reinforcement

Making them feel appreciated for cleaning up is an effective way to get them to want to do it again. Positive reinforcement works like a charm. Congratulate them for cleaning up on their own, or let them overhear you saying how proud you are of them. They will look to please you by doing this again.

Emphasize responsibility

Getting your kids to understand what responsibility is, and why it is so important, may help avoid fights about cleaning. Have them be responsible for their belongings. If they leave a toy out and it breaks – tough luck. Don’t rush out to the store to replace it, they need to learn that they are responsible for their own belongings and actions. If this happens, get them to do chores and help around the house to earn pocket money to replace their own toy.

Teaching kids from young to help around the house and clean up after themselves is a sure way to set them up to be responsible adults one day. It also saves you having to put up with arguments after the lounge is left in a mess. Start teaching them these values from young, and it will soon stick with them.

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