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How to Keep Your Sanity During The Summer Months With Children At Home

Summer holidays – a time filled with fun, excitement and the prospect of endless possibilities. For those lucky enough to be at home with the kids during summer, it can be the perfect time to try out all those Pinterest crafts, activities and intricate lunches. Picture perfect isn’t it?

If only that was the truth – we enter every summer with these beautiful plans of warm sunny days, laughing and splashing at the pool, but end up counting down the minutes until dad gets home to take the crazy, lawless kids off of our hands. Who knew you would want to shower just to get some quiet time.

There is this weird phenomenon that happens to kids during summer. They become so much needier and full-time than during the rest of the year. They just have a knack of knowing which buttons to push. Sure we might get a few fun times in here and there, but there will be lots of frustration in-between.

As good as our intentions may be, being home with the kids all summer long can be stressful. But believe it or not, done right it can be relaxing and fun.  Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, have some plans in place and enjoy the summer haze.

Prepare, prepare, prepare. You may have a hundred crafty, DIY and playtime ideas in mind, but none of them will get done if you don’t prepare. Before the holidays, pop down to a hardware or craft store and stock up on supplies. This way you will have everything you need on standby for when the inspiration to be crafty pops up. The kids can also get creative and come up with some fun DIY ideas as well.

You can kind of relate a household during summer to a small military camp. You need to set the rules, and the kids need to stick to them. If you don’t stick to your guns, you will land up with a wild household. Make sure the kids know the rules; hopefully they won’t try and break them. If they do, take away a summer activity or cut down TV time. They need to understand that even though they aren’t at school they are still required to behave and listen to adults.

Keeping a rough routine also helps keep the kids in control. School offers them a reliable, day-to-day routine that they count on. Try work a bit of this into each day. Make breakfast daily, have a sit-down lunch and even an afternoon nap. Kids like routine, and it really does help them keep in line.

Don’t be afraid to be a little wild. Your house during summer will never be spotless. Embrace it. Be a little wild yourself. Ge the kids to help out with cleaning, but don’t overstress yourself. They still need to be kids and you could do with a little fun as well.

A day watching TV here and there is okay. Don’t over commit or put too much pressure on yourself. The kids don’t need to be busy all day every day. Sometimes, a movie day it can be just as fun. The kids will probably appreciate a little time vegetating and you could use the downtime to catch up on some chores around the house.

Holidays can also be quite expensive. The kids don’t need to always do the expensive things. Take walks on the beach, visit public parks or go visit some charity shops. Saving your finances might be the key to saving your sanity as well. Your kids will have just as much fun splashing in the pool as splashing at a water park. Kids aren’t fussy, we are.

Unprepared, summer holidays can be a nightmare. Just lay down the rules from day one and stick to your guns. The kids need to understand that in order to enjoy their holiday, they need to behave. Prepare your activities beforehand and have some rainy day ideas stored away. It really is possible to be at home during the holiday with your kids, and keep your sanity.

You deserve to enjoy the time with them.

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