Is Organic Food Really Better for Your Children

Nowadays moms are prone to differing opinions and social pressures from every angle. This can be relating to breastfeeding, weaning and even sleeping. Everyone has an opinion on every topic, and it seems almost everyone considers themselves an expert on most subjects when it comes to mothering. There are countless old-wives tales that have been passed down through generations. Some true and some completely outrageous. Moms need to do their own research and make their own choices for themselves and their family.

One of the bigger pressures for mothers is to feed their children organic food. Organic produce is farmed using fewer pesticides and chemicals. Food that is organically farmed is often fresher than intensively farmed food as it doesn’t contain the preservatives to make it last as long on the shelves. Many people believe that organic food is much better for you and that this is what you should be feeding your children.

So, is organic food really better for your children? Not necessarily. Through research, it has been deduced that there are no significant advantages or important differences when consuming organic food compared to intensively farmed produce. However, organically farmed foods contain a much lower presence of pesticides. The main difference between the two methods of farming is, in fact, the number of pesticides used. While overexposure to pesticides is obviously not great for your health, the pesticides found in intensively farmed food is well below the safety limits and is strictly regulated. For most people, this is the reasoning behind choosing organic over regular farmed food.

The advantages of organically farmed foods are the lower amount of pesticides (if this is important to you), and the produce is usually tastier and fresher. Organically farmed goods don’t contain the preservatives that intensively farmed foods do, meaning they are usually perfectly ripe when sold.

When you introduce solids to your baby at 6 months (which is the age recommended by the World Health Organisation for introducing solids), it may be a good idea to start with organically farmed foods. The reason for this is that it reduces your baby’s exposure to pesticides while their immune system is still developing. When dealing with food for babies or children, it is important to thoroughly wash, scrub or peel the skin of the fruit or vegetable. This applies to both organically and intensively farmed foods. This ensures that any trace of pesticide is washed off, or any dirt or micro bacteria from the lack of pesticides is removed.


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Regarding meat, some experts believe that the antibiotics and other treatments are given to intensively farmed animals could cause health issues or create drug-resistant strains in future. This hasn’t been wholly proven yet. This, however, does not mean that organically farmed animals aren’t exposed to antibiotics and other drugs. If an animal gets sick, they will need to be treated accordingly. Once these drugs are out of the animal’s system, they may be sold as organic again.

Organically farmed food may be tastier for your baby, and better to start off with, but it is not necessarily healthier. By the time your child is ready to be introduced to meat, their system should be more than strong enough to handle intensively farmed meat. It is completely your decision on what you wish to introduce to your baby, and when you wish to do so. Intensively farmed food is not going to harm you, or your family. People have been consuming it for decades.

The best way to ensure that your child has everything they need to develop and grow properly is by giving them a varied, healthy and nutritious diet. Introduce a variety of foods for them to enjoy. Letting them explore and have fun with food is a great way to mold them into not being fussy eaters. Start them off with a love for healthy food from a young age, and this will stay with them for life.

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