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Mom Defends Herself After Admitting She Breastfed During Sex

Breastfeeding has been a taboo subject — and public practice — for some time. Nurse your child without a cover? You’re a nasty woman. Want to give extended breastfeeding a try? Yeah, that’s gross. Tasha Maile is a longtime advocate who’s worked to #normalizebreastfeeding through her unashamed and uncensored videos online, but she’s recently come under fire after an old video surfaced that features her admitting she’s breastfed while having sex.Maile recently appeared on the UK show This Morning to clarify comments she made in her 2015 YouTube video, “Do I Have Sex While Breastfeeding?”

  • Though she’s been vilified for admitting she and her now ex-husband enjoyed a quick doggy-style session as her 3-month-old son slept attached to her breast, this mom still does not see the big deal and thinks people are overreacting.


    “I think many other parents have had sex in the same room where their children are sleeping,” Maile tells the This Morning cohosts. “Even if the baby is awake and off to the side … If the baby is okay, they’re not judging you.”


    The 26-year-old mom of three — known as the Spiritual Tasha Mama online — also took to YouTube in May to clarify her original comments.

    “First of all, if you actually listened to the [original] video, it’s talking about how my 3-month-old would not allow me to put him down at all. So he was attached to me 24/7. He was also using me as a binky at night. So, [my husband and I] did it while [our baby son] was sleeping next to me — or on me. My child was not in the act of what we were doing. He was there, sleeping. Not involved. So get your panties out of a bunch, all you people judging me — which is only judging yourselves.”


    Regardless of her explanations, many still voiced outrage on This Morning’s Facebook page over the idea of breastfeeding while having sex.



    Others are worried about the message such an action sends to new moms.


    Nevertheless, a few people came to this mom’s defense, proving it’s okay to agree to disagree without being mean-spirited.



    Tasha tells Us Weekly “there’s nothing gross about making love” and that she would never involve her children in a sexual act.

    “I happen to have a family bed and co-sleep,” Maile adds. “So ‘making it work’ is something that happens.”


    Whether you agree with this mom or not, there’s no denying Tasha has us talking about breastfeeding.

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    Plus, she breastfed on live television, which is kinda badass and shows how normal such a sight should be.

    Curious to see the original 2015 YouTube video in question? Here it is in full.

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