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Mom sells stillborn son’s crib at garage sale – 1 week later, the buyer returns with a surprise

Valerie Watts experienced what no parent-to-be should ever have to experience. She was 9 months pregnant and had just a few days remaining before she was due to give birth, when she received the tragic news that she was carrying a stillborn baby.

The young woman’s grief must have been unimaginable. What’s even more heartbreaking is the idea of being left with a nursery filled with a crib, toys and baby clothes – but no baby.

It took her a while, but Valerie eventually chose to sell the crib in a garage sale – but she was not prepared for what would happen after it was sold.

Now this beautiful story is making its way all over the internet.

“All week I knew, he wasn’t moving as much. I was very nervous.”

Those are the words of Valerie Watts from Cokata, Minnesota, when she tells Fox9 about the week before her son Noah was tragically stillborn.
After the traumatic experience of giving birth to her dead son, Valerie couldn’t bring herself to sell any of Noah’s things or touch the nursery she had made for him. She was so devastated that she left it untouched for a year.

In May 2014 however, she believed she had gathered enough strength to set up a garage sale and sell Noah’s belongings and baby furniture. It was a difficult decision and she forced herself to put some of the items on sale – in particular the crib which she seemed to be attached to the most. Somehow in the back of her mind she thought it would be the last thing anyone would want to buy.

To her surprise, an older man by the name of Gerald took a liking to the piece of furniture. Gerald restores old furniture on his spare time and thought he could make use of the crib. He was persistent about buying it but could sense a feeling of uncertainty from Valerie’s side.

This is Gerald

“She was kind of hesitant, I knew that maybe she didn’t want to sell it. Yet she did,” he told Fox9.

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