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Mom sells stillborn son’s crib at garage sale – 1 week later, the buyer returns with a surprise

Gerald had no idea what the real reason behind the garage sale was. He had seen Valerie sell baby clothes and just assumed her child had probably grown older and she no longer needed all this stuff.

Little did he know that his wife, who was also at the garage sale, had earlier been chatting with Valarie and asked her how old her child was. Valarie explained that her baby passed away in July and it just broke the lady’s heart.

Gerald packed up the crib into their car and he and his wife headed home. On their way, his wife told him Valerie’s story. They realized what this crib must have meant to her and why she seemed so hesitant to sell it. They decided that they had to take the piece of furniture back.

But Gerald also understood that it could be just as equally painful to have it in the shape of a crib – so he decided to transform it into a beautiful bench as a memorial for Noah.

A week later, Gerald returned to Valerie’s house with the gift. The unused crib was now a beautiful bench which would sit in her home as a memory of her Noah.

Valerie was left in tears by the beautiful gesture of this gracious stranger.

“It’s amazing, and there’s good people out there, there’s proof,” she tells Fox9.

Talk about a wonderful and thoughtful gift from Gerald! This lovely bench can now honor her dear Noah.

There are many parents out there who have gone through something similar to Valerie. Please consider sharing this story as a way of showing solidarity with these parents.

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