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Should I Love or Loathe My Job as Chauffeur?

Motherhood has many ups and downs. When you are planning to have a baby, or even while pregnant, you think you know what to expect. You don’t. Each and every day there will be new aspects of parenting that pops up and surprises you. As your kids get older, new issues will arise and you will be faced with new duties and responsibilities. Probably one of the most infamous of these duties is becoming your child’s chauffeur.

Let’s be honest – nobody likes driving. Sitting in the car for hours each day can be a little soul draining; especially when it is constant backwards and forwards dropping your kids off at different destinations. You might have to drive multiple kids to different sporting events and practices each day, drop and fetch them from friends’ houses, or the occasional party or movie. It can become exhausting, and it doesn’t end for a long time. Until they are confident drivers, and until you feel comfortable letting them drive on their own, you will need to be their chauffeur. You might be lucky and share this honourable title with your partner, but it still sucks.

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about it. At the end of the day it is one of those “look on the bright side” deals, so here are a few little things to think about to help you get through the years of playing taxi.

Rather safe than sorry – As unthinkable as it is, if something had to happen to your child while someone else was driving them around, you would never forgive yourself. By being their chauffeur, you can make sure that they are buckled in and arrive at their destination safely. As a mom, you can never fully trust anyone else to do your job quite as well as you know you can, so for peace of mind rather suck it up and do the lifts. This way you won’t be worrying about them driving with someone else and you can be confident they are travelling as safely as possible.

You know where they are going – Kids can be sneaky. No matter how good of a relationship you have with your child, a little rebellious spell is almost unavoidable. You might have said no to a certain party, but they are adamant on going. At least when you drop them off at a destination, you know they haven’t tricked you by being dropped off somewhere else by someone else.

You can control their curfew – You can flex your muscles as a parent by setting times to be dropped and fetched. Be happy that you won’t be waiting on the stairs well past their curfew for them to arrive, wondering where they are. You can tell them what time you will be fetching them, and they have to agree with that.

Extra bonding time – Life is hectic and time flies by. Think of chauffeuring as extra time together. You can spend the drive catching up on each other’s news and you can find out if anything interesting is happening in your kid’s life. As much as we want to, trying to find time each day to just talk to your kids is really tough. There always seems like there is something else to get done, and time slips by very quickly. Just enjoy the quiet, secluded time together.

As long as your years of chauffeuring may seem, they really do go by so fast. One day you will be looking back and wishing your kids would ask you for a lift somewhere, just to have that alone time with them, and to feel so needed again. Being a chauffeur helps you stay in control, you know where your kids are and when they will be finishing. It also gives you the peace of mind that they are safe travelling with you and that they aren’t with someone who might not have their best interests in mind. It also let’s your kids know that if they are ever stuck, they can call you for a lift.

Ask any mom with older kids, you would much rather be driving them around than stressing about them driving themselves one day!

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