The Truth About Men and Sex

Men are simple creatures, or so they say. When it comes to sex, many stereotypes exist about Men. Some have a root in the biological, social and psychological differences between the two genders, but others are societal and cultural perceptions that are more often myth than reality.

Do all men fantasize about you and your sister, in bed? Do all men secretly want to have affairs? Are men really monogamous? Many studies have been done that reveal the differences between men and women, but each man is unique, and generalizations tend to be just that.


  1. Men are Romantic Too

Don’t be fooled into thinking that men are only interested in one thing. When it comes to relationships, men are looking for the complete package – charm, beauty, personality, and character. It’s not only physical attraction or your looks that will keep him interested. Men may not admit it as easily as women, but they are romantic creatures too, and want to court and win your heart. It’s not all about sex.


  1. Men Can Separate Sex and Love

Men are able to have sex without forming emotional attachments. This is less common for women. Women tend to seek love and romance and are wired quite differently. Women are naturally more cautious and protective. Casual sex is less attractive to women as the risks are greater. Women are smaller, and more vulnerable, and less likely to engage in high-risk sex. Pregnancy, regardless of contraception, is always a risk, or being harmed.


  1. Men Enjoy Foreplay

The passion and kissing, the romance and sparks, the first date kiss goodnight. It’s not all about sex, and men derive pleasure too. Sexual attraction and physical chemistry spark desire. Being sexual doesn’t have to mean doing the horizontal tango. There are many more subtle ways to enjoy a physical, sexual connection. In fact, studies show that for men, being at ‘half – mast’ is a sensitive state that will get him tingling all over, whether your move from first base to third.


  1. Men Are Size Conscious

For all men, being judged on the size of their manhood is a sensitive topic. Knowing how to make love, regardless of how blessed a man is in that department is more important. A real, emotional and physical connection is about far more than body parts. However, men are extremely sensitive about this, and pointing out any shortcomings in that department that is a big No! It’s the motion of the ocean, not the size of the boat, which is going to keep the pleasure waves coming.


  1. Men Exaggerate

When it comes to their sexual prowess, and game – men tend to talk a big talk. Men compete with each other, in a different way to women. Having a lot of experience, and many lovers, is seen as a rite of passage through manhood. For women, this is less expected. Men tend to embellish romantic encounters, and whether its locker room talk or talking to women, men will tend to talk a big game. In reality, the numbers he may speak about may be a lot less. Men tend to brag, and it’s all about seeming like Casanova himself.


  1. Men Get Tired Too

Men work hard and are not up for sex 24/7. It’s a complete myth that men can be switched on at the drop of a proverbial hat. Stress, a lack of sleep, and the general chores of life may leave a man more in need of a good night’s sleep than any romantic action. Men need recharge time, and a good meal, and to have their primary needs met, to feel relaxed and be interested in adult play. Don’t expect your man to ravish you at the end of a long, hard week. When he says he’s too tired, he means it. Don’t take it personally.

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