Momming Hard

Why There Is No Underwear in Your Drawer

We know, mom life is tough. Like really, really tough. You give up all of yourself to worry about tiny little creatures that don’t always cooperate. Not to mention the man-child that you are raising them with as well. As moms, we are center of the universe. If we stop moving, the world stops revolving. Or at least that’s how it feels for our families. How do we find time for ourselves? Not to do our makeup and go get our nails done – don’t be silly. But how do we find the time (and motivation) to do the nitty gritty – keep to a regular shower routine, condition our hair – even wear a face mask?

It is so incredibly easy to get caught up in the day to day rush that we eventually find ourselves stuck down a creek with no paddle. We let things slip, we forget to do one or two things for ourselves here and there until we wake up one day and kind of forget who we are.

We adapt really well. Moms manage to get things done for everyone else, no matter if we have to move mountains to do it. We always pull our weight for our family. And most of the time – they do not notice a thing! No matter how much we do, they kind of just expect it from us. Our job isn’t always one with a lot of ‘thank you’s’, but we don’t mind. The feeling that we can give our family all of ourselves is sometimes more than enough. Also, isn’t it great to think that they see us as a super-woman that can get anything done? It is a high standard to be held up to – but it is a title that we would take any day.

There are so many moms out there, at the playground, at school, online, that gush over how great it is being a mom and how their perfect life falls perfectly into place. We might be envious of them and wish we knew the secret, but the secret is that there actually is no secret. They are just as crazy as we are, just as rushed and sometimes just a little lazy as well – you can bet that frozen pizzas are also made regularly at their house.  But yes, there is no secret. They just worry more about how they look to other moms. They feel that the better they look on the outside and the more ‘together’ they come across, the better they would be judged on their mothering. We all know this isn’t true, but everyone has their own insecurities.

Back to the crazy life of a mom; we all fit everything we need to into a day, whether that day ends at 8 pm or 12 am. We just have a way of making it work and making sure everyone has what they need, obviously except for ourselves. If the kids have totally muddied up their sports kit but need it for the next day, only letting us know before bedtime, we make sure it is spotless and ready the next morning – by some miracle. We are constantly running around sorting everyone else out. It is a miracle that we manage to get so much done, for everyone else, but leave ourselves out of the equation.

When you become a mom, you gain so much, but you also lose a lot in the process. You lose your selfishness and your self-centeredness.  Life is no longer just about you. You are holding up the pillars of your family, and you aren’t allowed to have a moment of weakness.

So mom, keep on doing their laundry, keep on making their lunches, keep driving yourself insane. Sitting back and looking at it all, it is what you were made to do, and you know that you wouldn’t have it any other way. You also figure out, that by dedicating every second to making sure everyone else has what they need is the exact reason why you never have underwear in your drawer. Who has time to do their own washing anyways!

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