Women With Big Butts Are Smarter And Healthier Says New Study

Sir Mix a Lot was right. And we should all love big butts. The reason being? Apparently women who have larger posteriors are shown to be smarter and healthier.

The study was performed by Oxford University professors and shows a correlation between a “pear type” body have been shown to be generally healthier and smarter.

According to Konstantinos Manolopoulous, one of the leading researchers on the Oxford study, “the idea that fat distribution is important to health has been known for some time.”

Apparently, having body fat lower down on your body helps keep the fatty acids further from your heart and main arteries, thereby reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Unlike “apple shaped” women, who have more upper body and belly fat, women with larger butts have lower levels of cholesterol.

There are also several healthy hormones that are produced that help to increase mood and health when body fat is located towards your caboose.

So, if you’ve got those apple bottom jeans, or a butt that just won’t quit, take pride in knowing you’re probably healthier and smarter for having it!

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