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Breastfeeding HELP

My nine month old will ONLY go to sleep at night if he is feeding....how can I manage to change this. He would also sleep all night and the past couple weeks he's been waking up alone every other hour to feed for five minutes. Its odd tho because he wakes up sits up and cries but its like he is still asleep? any tips would be great on weaning him off falling asleep while breastfeeding since I will be weaning him off breastfeeding entirely in 3 months!

For me I would put him in a separate bed . Nurse him before going to sleep. You may pat her back to sleep again if ever he always wakes up for a few days,and eventually he will stop wanting to nurse when he wakes up. You can switch to a bottle of breast milk and let him hold it until he falls asleep. I know that is not good for the teeth but nursing him all night is bad either. You only use this strategy until he stops looking for her DD. I hope this well help you and good luck.