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Completely clueless about homeschooling

I love the idea about homeschooling and wish I had what it takes to do it, but am having serious reservations about whether I am a good candidate to do so. And I feel so ignorant about it despite trying to do internet research on it. May I ask a few questions?

Say for example, I order a curriculum. What exactly would they provide? I imagine I will get a plan of what "courses" to teach, but what about material like books or whatever the lesson plan is about? This is a big one for me since I am in a foreign country and books, especially English ones will be much more limited, not to mention expensive.

I read the advice that no one needs to be smart or a teacher themselves to homeschool. I understand that, but THAT is not my biggest concern. My major concern is that I am SO. NOT. ORGANIZED. How important is organization to homeschooling?

Also, at my son's preschool, they can provide him with interesting things that I wouldn't be able to. The few homeschoolers here are also far from where we live, so it wouldn't be easy to hook up with them.

Should I give up on the idea? I am just so worry because I can already see that my preschooler's character is the type that especially when he gets older, he will heavily rely on his peers. Everyone I talk to is saying that the schools in our area are not good at all, both academically and character-wise.


The best place to start in considering whether homeschooling would be a good fit for your family is on your state's homeschool support group's website. Most have a FAQ section and I guarantee that you're not the first person to ask your questions. (If you're living abroad you can still search the state or country you're originally from for this info).

HSLDA.org (Home School Legal Defense Association) has a wonderful "Get Started in Home School" section as well. Also, you could do a search on this forum "homeschool" or "homeschooling" and read past threads on homeschooling as it has been discussed many times.

Although you don't have to be the world's most organized person to home school, children do need stability. I seem to remember some of your past threads and there appears to be a lot of marital instability in your relationship. I would say that is not a good situation to bring the children home to and that situation needs to be remedied first. Home schooling is more than just studies at home. Our children learn a lot from what they observe and they are affected when grief and strife are in the midst.

You could always just take it one year at a time. Try it out for a year and just see how it goes. You could always do "fun" things like start a garden. I'd say it's definitely worth a shot since you said schools where you live are not good.

This will be my fifth year of homeschooling  and I still take it a "year at a time". And when I'm asked how long I will continue homeschooling, that is what I tell people, "one year at a time".