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Do your kids keep their bedrooms clean?

I'm so tired of looking in my daughter's bedroom and finding so much stuff all over the floor. Art supplies, shoes, clothes (clean & dirty). It's just awful.

I've been trying to teach her since she was born to put her things away when she's done with them. I'm constantly on her case about hanging up her clothes and putting her things away. I'm afraid I have a hoarder on my hands. She hates giving anything up, even if it's trash. Are your children like this? How can I help my daughter?


No. I wish. My son has to pick up his room every night before bed. And I sweep, mop, and dust it out on the weekends.

I resolved this problem quite easily with my son. I allowed him to keep a robot. And that's a cleaning robot.
I came up with few games and activities he can do with the vac. So now he has a pet and dust cleaner at the same time and forthwith he doesn't keep any of his stuff on the floor for his pet to move freely. There's a great variety of them from cheap to expensive full-fledged helpers for you. Here's an article on robovacs http://tenrows.com/robot-vacuum/