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How often do you have 'Couple Time'

I love my children but sometimes I just need some time away from them to just be with my hubby. How often do you spend time as a couple without kids and how do you spend that time?

My husband and I have found (and always counsel other couples) that this has to happen on some level every day. Yep, every day.

We have planned a time that fits our schedule every morning, which has to flex from the school year to the summer, but nevertheless it's a top priority. The kids know about it and have gotten used to us spending time together talking and praying every day. The older ones help out with the younger ones when needed. Without that daily time we each get stuck in our own heads and our own experiences - and make a ton of assumptions about each other as a result. Our daily times help us stay connected with each other in an understanding way that facilitates healthy communication in the household.

Beyond that we try to do an official "date" every week.

I think the frequency of "couple time" changes as the children get older. Since mine have been old enough to babysit themselves we go out 2-3x/month. It's not always a dinner out. Sometimes it's a local cafe for soup and a sandwich, coffee, and/or (just) dessert.

Time for the just the two of us is something I really look forward to. I love the opportunity to reconnect with my hubby w/o interruptions.

We are fortunate that our kids go to bed by 7:30 so we do get time in the evening together although DH or I was normally busy a couple of nights a week and often we are both tired so just want to relax.

On the weekend we got to walk hand and hand down a beach for about 10 mins while the kids were playing behind us it felt like we were a no kids couple again for those 10 mins. We could hear the kids so knew all was fine.

Now they are both at school it does make it easier. I have once gone and had lunch with DH.