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Stretch Marks

I started working out last summer and I got stretch marks really bad (I didn't get THAT much bigger lol) so I assume I'll have stretch marks from pregnancy... What is the best stretch mark prevention cream?? Is there something else I can do to prevent stretch marks?

I am using cocoa butter. But, it isn't so much about what you use. It is how much you use it. I use mine 3-4 times a day and NEVER EVER EVER scratch your belly! No matter how much it itches. Just put more lotion on it.

None of those creams work. You will either get stretch marks or you won't.

OILS OILS OILS! oils actually goes deep into your skin. lotions is just layered on top plus filled with chemicals! oils that i like and work: Avocado oil, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E and Sweet almond oil which is know to lighten skin.